Needle Minder Hungry Cheshire cat


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These funky needle minders are created by The Magnetorium AU from Etsy.

I have been working strongly with The Magnetorium to sell these to you directly

The Cheshire cat Needle Minders created using a resin embellishment (h) 35mm x (w) 50mm

INSTRUCTIONS: Place the decorative Needle Minder on the front of the fabric. Secure it in place underneath the fabric using the backing magnet supplied. Place your needle(s) on top of the decorative Needle Minder and they will be magnetised in place.

The Magnetorium uses Rare Earth neodymium magnet bases on all our products (also referred to as NdFeB magnets). Rare Earth Magnets are usually nickel plated to resist corrosion. Rare Earth Magnets are the strongest type of magnet and their nickel plating gives them a shiny silver appearance.