Free Projects

We’ve created some free projects for you to enjoy! Please pop back and visit our site, as new free projects will be added regularly.

May Stamp of the month


Simply download your instructions here…


Tape measurement bracelet

Simply click on the title or download here..

Here are some instructions also on how to open a jump ring

tape measure




Happy Valentines Day

Cool heart project that’s quick and easy. Can be made into a necklace or make two and make earrings.  Download here


Free Tassel Earring

Quick and easy fun project, see our cool colours in leather here...Download…

Button necklace

A very cool pattern for National button day! Source bead and Button Download..

Charm Necklace

Simple instructions on how to open a jump ring and make a very simple but stunning necklace. Download…

Let’s Crimp a Bracelet

A simple project of crimping for you to create. We have kits available with all the ingredients to make this bracelet or a great way to use those orphan beads. Download

Resin Designs

We thought we would share the love, we have had so much fun with this! Come to the shop and see the full range of resin products to make your designs. bezel seting instructions

Beaded gecko

We have some new beaded creatures kits, we are using waxed thread rather than wire, better for the little fingers!!! Download

Tila Beads

We love these new little beads, we just had to share the love! enjoy.


Shamballa Bracelet

The latest trend to hit beading, its all a bit spiritual